25 Travers book cover

“One of my favorite memories of Saratoga was a Travers morning in the rain, when Travers reruns inexplicably began playing on the television. Everyone of the backside stopped and hovered, watching Ridan and Jaipur, Affirmed and Alydar, Holy Bull and Concern. Zast does it even better in this Travers extravaganza.”

— Sean Clancy, editor and publisher
of The Saratoga Special


About Vic Zast

Vic ZastVic Zast, 63, is uniquely qualified to write a book about “The History and Art of 25 Travers.” He has witnessed 45 Travers Stakes in person. Readers of Zast’s columns on HorseRaceInsider.com and MSNBC.com know him for insightful and thought-provoking commentary. But passionate Zast fans know that he’s at the top of his game when describing his beloved Saratoga.

Notwithstanding his affinity for the area, Zast has written about horse racing in Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Dubai, France, Canada and England. His “Destinations” columns in The Blood-Horse magazine are unique travel and sport features, offering travel tips and ratings.

Zast has served in almost every horse racing capacity imaginable. He is currently a Board member of the National Turf Writers Association. He has been an owner, a breeder, a pioneer in corporate sponsorship of races, and the president of a baker’s dozen of racetracks. He created the concept of bonus money for horses that are able to win a series of races.

In addition, Zast owns and operates a cosmetics manufacturing company named Private Perfumery. An experienced business executive, he has been the CEO of four different companies during the past 25 years. He lives in Wilmette, IL, except in August when he’s in Saratoga Springs, where he owns a home that is a short three-minute walk to the racecourse.